Living organisms had to work hard to learn how to get old: initially the simplest unicellular did not have a mechanism of aging, they lived forever. Given the fact that evolution has done all living things on earth mortal, aging and dying are beneficial to preserve life in general. However, many are afraid of aging. Business coach and coach are distracting the most popular myths about age.

1. Style is inevitable

Indeed, we all get old, but age is not a diagnosis. To a greater extent old we make our own attitude to this issue. Any of us is free to live without looking into the passport and not thinking about numbers. Many of us live in certain social frames, templates, following models that supposedly correspond to one or another age. Pension is reflected destructively: people cease to feel in demand and fade away.

2. Older people are more conservative and categorical in their views

For the most part it is. To blame in this, again, we follow a template that is imposed on us by society. And yet, recently,

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many have been able to overcome this stereotype. Some, crossing the half -century threshold, begin to live with a new rich and active life, become bolder, cognize, create, travel, fall in love, share experience and motivate young people.

3. If you have not played sports in his youth, start after 60 years late

There is a big difference between sports and small physical exertion to maintain a form. If a person never did exercises, and in adulthood he was told that it was necessary to improve his condition, then, of course, you need to start it.

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